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Our system is engaged in investment into securities of various large industrial enterprises and banks.



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Total Invested: $1,524.80


Total Paid: $416.90

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our system is engaged in investment into securities of various large industrial enterprises and banks which issue them for building of the turns and strengthening of monetary system.
Any investments are connected with some share of risk, our economists constantly study a conjuncture of securities market and minimize probability of drain of capital to the minimum percent. If you aren't ready to lose any part of the money, it is better for you not to begin investment operations and to be engaged in other kind of activity.
You should be registered, write the e-mail address, to think up login and the password and to enter the purse of payment system in the corresponding column. After registration passing you can enter the private office and get acquainted with the contents. Further you choose the investment plan and you do the deposit. After return to a private office from the page of payment system you need to check emergence of the sum paid with you in the section my deposit.
We accept Perfectmoney, Solidtrustpay, Payeer, Bitcoin. The minimum contribution makes 10 USD.
You can see plans on the main page of the site or in a private office upon transition to the page "make the deposit".
In this case you need to address in a support service, our operators will check receipt of money and the deposit will be sent to your account in the manual mode.
The profit will appear in your account through time and in the sum corresponding to the tariff plan chosen by you. The project works daily without the days off.
Withdrawal of funds is carried out by the administrator in the manual mode and can vary of several minutes till 24 o'clock.
No. We don't take any commissions. The sum which you remove will come to the account of your payment system without changes.
No, it is possible to have one account on one person, at detection of several accounts all of them will be closed, and money will go as payment of penalties for violation of the rules of work on the site. But you can do unlimited number of deposits from one already open account.
Yes. If on your link any number of people is registered and they will make the deposit in our system, you will be able to get additional profit of 2%.
Your referrals are displayed in your private office. If you don't see the referrals which followed your link, address in our support service, data will be checked and corrected.
At loss of the password you can go to the page "forgot the password" and to you will be generated new, you will be able to receive it in the letter on your e-mail address. If you need to change other personal data or you had questions which aren't answered in this section you have to address in our support service.

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